The characters, features, items will be regularly updated by the ALIX team to ensure the attractiveness and freshness of the game.
1. Archer
A beginner warrior, basically trained with a bow. The damage and defense skills are not high, but in return, they have the ability to destroy long-range targets with their arrows. Suitable for equipment that increases the range and number of arrows.
2. Fighter
Is a mid-level fighter with high endurance and melee combat ability. Fighter is suitable for the vanguard position in the squad. The damage is not high, but the ability is to fight and survive for a long time in battles. Hats, shields, armor are suitable upgrade equipment.
3. Destroyer
High-level warrior with the ability to sweep the enemy. With the ability to use 2 weapons at the same time, Detroyer is one of the warriors who can clear the battlefield extremely quickly and strongly. The only weakness is the average defense. The best advice is to upgrade Detroyer's 2 weapons first. You can optionally upgrade the armor and the hat afterwards.
With years of combat experience, tactical vision and good situational reading, Wanderer is the Templar's right-hand man. Standing out with his signature blond hair, Wanderer is the closest to the level of the legendary warrior. Suitable upgrade items are offensive equipment.
5. Templar
Commander, decision maker, leader of the army. To reach the current level, Templar had to undergo a lot of training and experience on the battlefield. With comprehensive defense, Templar can fight against 10 enemies at the same time by himself. Templar fits all equipment.
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